We were born to stand out.

The pipe dream of Neo Hyphen began five years ago and after countless rides, kit designs, and bottomless coffee, Lexi du Plessis founded Neo Hyphen at the end of 2020 on a major caffeine high. 

Today Neo Hyphen exist. The new kid on the cycling apparel block, born and raised in the heart of Johannesburg. Striving to create diversity and celebrate individualism Neo Hyphen has set out to combine the art of creativity with the joy of cycling. 

This brand's unique apparel is designed and nurtured by a crew of creativity-minded cyclists. With intense backgrounds in graphic design, advertising, photography, and cycling. The creative essence of this team is what shapes and drives Neo Hyphen's constant pursuit to create bold, conceptually relevant apparel that stands out on the road.

At Neo Hyphen, our mission is simple - transform the way we see South African cyclists by creating opportunities for cyclists to stand out rather than fit in.