Collection: All-seeing Eye


We see your journey. Dedication. Your passion. Energy. Strength. Your commitment. And your Pain.

We see you.


Welcome to the 'All-seeing Eye' limited edition kit collection, designed with you in mind.

As a brand that strives to celebrate the individualism of every athlete, we took it upon ourselves to develop a kit for our NEO-Limited season 1 drop that expressed just that. The 'All-seeing Eye' kit carries a message within it, a message to athletes.

We want you to know that Neo Hyphen is on a mission to recognise, celebrate and rewards athletes with kits they deserve. Ones that don't just make them fit in but rather make them stand out.

 Our NEO-Limited Collections are limited edition. This means that once the kit is sold out, it will never be released again - our way of ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.